A look inside the world of herpetology!

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This Burke From Home experience is powered by Curio Interactive. We are a team of natural science illustrators and know first-hand that when you spend time with a species, drawing it and studying it closely, you develop a deeper connection to the natural world. Our enchanted devices and online experiences reveal the hidden wonders of nature through art and a dose of technology magic.

How-to Zap in Your Drawing

  1. 1: Click on the camera icon ()
  2. 2: Hold up your drawing so that the 4 squares show up in the camera.
  3. 3: Hold still! You should see a countdown on the screen.
  4. 4. *Zap*! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art. Now use your mouse to explore.

Helpful Tips

How do the curio art templates work?

Our art templates use 4 codes and your device's camera to capture and process your drawing. Please remember, don't color in the codes! If crayon, marker, or pencil gets on the codes, our system may not be able to correctly capture your drawing. If this happens, you can reprint the template and fold the paper so the new codes overlap the old.

How do I upload my artwork?

Click on the camera icon (). IF asked to allow camera permissions, click on "Allow" and hold up your Curio art template so that all 4 codes are visible in the webcam window. Once our system recognizes the 4 codes with green highlights, a countdown will commence to take a photo of your artwork.

Still not "Zapping"?

Make sure there's plenty of light in the room. We recommend using a desk lamp or overhead light when "zapping" your artwork. Also, remember to hold still while "zapping".